Announcing A New Partnership Opportunity

From Gabriel D. Roberts:

In January, 2016 I began Eris magazine as an online co-op media outlet that would provide a more academic and progressive outlook on world events as well as highlight emerging artists and cultural trends. Last year I produced 14 short docs, 1 music video and finished pre-production of my first full length film, consisting of over 30 interviews in over 15 locations across Europe. As an online media outlet, Eris had 50 contributors on the masthead and all that content was managed primarily by myself, while assisted by Elisabth Brose.

In 2017 Eris the media outlet has been streamlined into Eris Films, whose primary goal is to produce and release full length films and documentaries into already present media markets such as Amazon, Netflix and traditional theaters. At present, production of the first film is in the works and the second film is now being planned.

The work requires investment:

While I've demonstrated the ability to produce quality content and put the work in and live spartan to make all of this possible, there is just no way around the fact that making a film requires more than just the artist themselves. The work requires partnership with a businessperson who has demonstrated success, understands the role of the artist and the role expected of them as an investor and partner.

Without a business partner who can invest in the films and help see them through with Eris from start to finish, we will still be able to complete the films on the docket, but the speed in which this can be done will be greatly diminished. Time is of the essence.

The time is now:

A good businessperson knows you can't just throw money at things, you have to have a plan and set goals and once those are set you have to remain faithful to the process of cultivation from start to finish in order to see positive results.  You must be proactive in finding the right people for the right tasks and delegating appropriately.

If you are interested in potential partnership with Eris Films, please share a little bit about yourself, your business background, your core values as well as any helpful documentation like links to your linkedin, resume, website in the form below.

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Gabriel D. Roberts