UX Interaction Design

UX design is about creating a simple and elegant user experience based on the needs of the user, reducing cognitive friction and helping them streamline and enrich their experience with a product.

The field is ever changing and so I am always training on new programs and improving. My Master’s degree from the University of Washington has given me a deep understanding of Qualitative and Quantitative methods and rationale, as well as sociological and psychological understanding necessary for a mastery of UX/UI principles. The foundational principles that guide me in UX/UI come from books like The Design of Everyday Things and Don’t Make Me Think as well as the ongoing training I undertake using codeacademy.com and plurasight.com. I’ve collaborated using UX fundamental skillsets for years in many different creative roles. As a testament to my continued commitment to the field, I’ve also been accepted into the UX bootcamp at UC Berkeley where I will begin in the summer quarter, 2019.

Mission is an organizational app designed to function as a real time checklist for teams or individuals to make it easy to understand how a project is progressing. The prototype named “Mission Critical” was the first iteration of this idea, put together over the course of a couple hours to give a simple mockup prototype using Figma.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.14.15 PM.png

Mission Critical

A goal management app. Users can organize tasks in order of importance. Managers can oversee multiple projects and see progress in real time



A simple game similar to a magic 8 ball, to flip a virtual coin and make a random decision.